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Who is eligible to join DAV Knob Hill Chapter 26?

Knob Hill Chapter 26 welcomes any person who is a member of the DAV National Organization. Whether you're already a DAV member or new to the organization, we can help. Stop by our office today to get the process started. Chapter 26 membership is free to DAV National members, and we offer many opportunities to get involved.


Who is eligible to join the DAV National Organization?

Any man or woman who was wounded, gassed, injured or disabled in the line of duty during time of war, while in the service of either the military or naval forces of the United States of America, and who has not been dishonorably discharged or separated from such service, or who may still be in active service in the armed forces of the United States of America is eligible for membership in the Disabled American Veterans.


Others who are disabled while serving with any of the armed forces of any nations associated with the United States of America as allies during any of its war periods, who are American citizens and who are honorably discharged, are also eligible.


Disabled American Veterans Auxiliary (DAVA) membership is open to any adult or minor child who does not qualify for full DAV membership but who wishes to join us in service to our nation's veterans.


What is the cost of membership?

The cost of membership in the DAV National Organization is a one-time fee for lifetime membership. The minimum payment is $40.00 and you have up to 3 years to pay the remaining balance, but your membership will be effective immediately.


After you have filled out and printed the form stop on by DAV Knob Hill Chapter 26 to drop it off.

Age/Life Amounts

DAV life membership = $300

Veterans age 80 or older are FREE

Life membership payments are non-refundable and are not tax deductible.