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Want help filing for your va benefits?

Call 719-591-8787 for an appointment!

Veterans do not need to be DAV members to take advantage of this outstanding assistance, which is provided free of charge.

Our Chapter Services Officers (CSOs) assist veterans and their dependents with applications for compensation, pensions, hospitalization and other benefits through an intake process that includes information and referral services. The CSOs work with our National Service Officers (NSOs) in Denver and the Department of Veterans Affairs to ensure that veterans, their dependents  and survivors receive their richly deserved benefits.

Services offered by our Chapter Service Officers include the following:


  • Informs veterans, dependents, and survivors of their eligibility for benefits payable through the Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Helps veteran complete forms for benefits payable through the Department of Veterans Affairs

  • Helps veteran complete forms and notifies the Department of Veterans Affairs of the death of a veteran

  • Informs survivors of procedures regarding military benefits

  • Helps obtains supporting documents for claims by veterans, their spouses and dependents

Call 719-591-8787 and make an appointment with our CSOs.
We are normally open from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM, Monday and Tuesday, only. However, we are all volunteers so sometimes...


DAV Knob Hill Chapter 26 members are former members of the United States Armed Forces who have sustained injuries while serving our country. We know how difficult it is to talk about any injury and how long it takes to get medical care and/or compensation from the Veterans Administration.
We are here to help!


What do we do?

We assist veterans in submitting the application for VA benefits and provide guidance in the process that follows. Not all medical conditions interfere with life or employment, and not all conditions are visible, let alone obvious. We are dedicated to providing the best possible help the veterans need.

We are also here to help the surviving dependents of veteran through the difficult process following the death of a veteran as a result of service connected injury or illness.


We do not receive any Government aid or grants to provide our services. We depend on member dues, tax-free donations, and our own fundraising activities to fund our support activities. See our Bingo website at DAV26Bingo.org or our Hall Rental page.

Chapter Meetings:

The Knob Hill Chapter 26 members meet at 1900 hours on the second Tuesday of each month (unless rescheduled because of weather conditions). The building is open at 1800 hours that same day for a free meal to all Chapter and Auxilliary members, and their guests.
See you there!

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